3rd International Winter School and Conference on Network Science: NetSci-X 2017

Erez Shmueli, Baruch Barzel, Rami Puzis

Springer, 2017

Springer Complexity is an interdisciplinary program publishing the best research and academic-level teaching on both fundamental and applied aspects of complex systems—cutting across all traditional disciplines of the natural and life sciences, engineering, economics, medicine, neuroscience, social, and computer science. Complex Systems are systems that comprise many interacting parts with the ability to generate a new quality of macroscopic collective behavior the manifestations of which are the spontaneous formation of distinctive temporal, spatial, or functional structures. Models of such systems can be successfully mapped onto quite diverse “real-life” situations like the climate, the coherent emission of light from lasers, chemical reaction—diffusion systems, biological cellular networks, the dynamics of stock markets and of the Internet, earthquake statistics and prediction, freeway traffic, the human brain, or …