A neural attention model for real-time network intrusion detection

Mengxuan Tan, Alfonso Iacovazzi, Ngai-Man Man Cheung, Yuval Elovici

2019 IEEE 44th conference on local computer networks (LCN), 291-299, 2019

The diversity and ever-evolving nature of network intrusion attacks has made defense a real challenge for security practitioners. Recent research in the domain of Network-based Intrusion Detection System has mainly focused on adopting a flow-based approach when extracting features from raw packets. One drawback of this is that attack detection can only be carried out after the flow has ended. In this work, we present a new technique based on the neural attention mechanism; unlike many existing solutions, our technique can be applied for real-time attack detection since it uses time slot-based features. The proposed solution is a modified version of the transformer model which has been proposed and used in the language translation domain. We conduct experiments on a dataset extracted from a recent repository network traffic containing several kinds of network attack. We use the “bidirectional LSTM” and …