Adaptive noise injection for training stochastic student networks from deterministic teachers

Yi Xianz Marcus Tan, Yuval Elovici, Alex, er Binder

2020 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 7587-7594, 2021

Adversarial attacks have been a prevalent problem causing misclassification in machine learning models, with stochasticity being a promising direction towards greater robustness. However, stochastic networks frequently underperform compared to deterministic deep networks. In this work, we present a conceptually clear adaptive noise injection mechanism in combination with teacher-initialisation, which adjusts its degree of randomness dynamically through the computation of mini-batch statistics. This mechanism is embedded within a simple framework to obtain stochastic networks from existing deterministic networks. Our experiments show that our method is able to outperform prior baselines under white-box settings, exemplified through CIFAR-10 and CIFAR-100. Following which, we perform in-depth analysis on varying different components of training with our approach on the effects of robustness and …