Application marketplace malware detection by user feedback analysis

Tal Hadad, Rami Puzis, Bronislav Sidik, Nir Ofek, Lior Rokach

Information Systems Security and Privacy: Third International Conference …, 2018

Smartphones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Like recommended best practices for personal computers, users are encouraged to install antivirus and intrusion detection software on their mobile devices. However, even with such software these devises are far from being fully protected. Given that application stores are the source of most applications, malware detection on these platforms is an important issue. Based on our intuition, which suggests that an application’s suspicious behavior will be noticed by some users and influence their feedback, we present an approach for analyzing user reviews in mobile application stores for the purpose of detecting malicious apps. The proposed method transfers an application’s text reviews to numerical features in two main steps: (1) extract domain-phrases based on external domain-specific textual corpus on computer and network security, and (2) compute …