Assessing Aircraft Security: A Comprehensive Survey and Methodology for Evaluation

Edan Habler, Ron Bitton, Asaf Shabtai

ACM Computing Surveys, 2023

The sophistication and complexity of cyber attacks and the variety of targeted platforms have grown in recent years. Adversaries are targeting a wide range of platforms, e.g., enterprise networks, mobile phones, PCs, and industrial control systems. The last few years have also seen various cyber attacks on transportation systems, including attacks on ports, trains, airports, and aircrafts. Due to the enormous potential damage inherent in attacking vehicles carrying many passengers and the lack of security measures applied in existing airborne systems, the vulnerability of aircraft systems is one of the most concerning topics in the vehicle security domain. This paper provides a comprehensive review of aircraft systems and components and their various networks, emphasizing the cyber threats they are exposed to and the impact of a cyber attack on these components and networks and an aircraft’s essential capabilities …