Augmented betweenness centrality for environmentally aware traffic monitoring in transportation networks

Rami Puzis, Yaniv Altshuler, Yuval Elovici, Shlomo Bekhor, Yoram Shiftan, Alex Pentl,

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems 17 (1), 91-105, 2013

Network planning and traffic flow optimization require the acquisition and analysis of large quantities of data such as the network topology, its traffic flow data, vehicle fleet composition, emission measurements and so on. Data acquisition is an expensive process that involves household surveys and automatic as well as semiautomatic measurements performed all over the network. For example, in order to accurately estimate the effect of a certain network change on the total emissions produced by vehicles in the network, assessment of the vehicle fleet composition for each origin–destination pair is required. As a result, problems that optimize nonlocal merit functions become highly difficult to solve. One such problem is finding the optimal deployment of traffic monitoring units. In this article we suggest a new traffic assignment model that is based on the concept of shortest path betweenness centrality measure …