Based on the position data of Internet traffic Android mobile device leakage analysis Analysis of Location Data Leakage in the Internet Traffic of Android-based Mobile Devices

Nir Sivan, Ron Bitton, Asaf Shabtai

In recent years, we have witnessed the shift from mobile devices to personalized, context-based services. The key component of many of these services is the ability to infer the current location and predict the future location of the user based on the location sensor embedded in the device. This knowledge enables service providers to provide relevant services to their users in a timely manner and better manage traffic congestion control, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and participation. However, this type of service has the problem of location data leakage, which has become one of the privacy issues most concerned by smartphone users today. This article pays particular attention to the location data exposed by Android applications in clear text through Internet network traffic without the user’s knowledge.This paper proposes an empirical evaluation involving real mobile device user network traffic, aiming to …