BENN: Bias Estimation Using a Deep Neural Network

Amit Giloni, Edita Grolman, Tanja Hagemann, Ronald Fromm, Sebastian Fischer, Yuval Elovici, Asaf Shabtai

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2022

Utilizing existing methods for bias detection in machine learning (ML) models is challenging since each method: 1) explores a different ethical aspect of bias, which may result in contradictory output among the different methods; 2) provides output in a different range/scale and therefore cannot be compared with other methods; and 3) requires different input, thereby requiring a human expert’s involvement to adjust each method according to the model examined. In this article, we present BENN, a novel bias estimation method that uses a pretrained unsupervised deep neural network. Given an ML model and data samples, BENN provides a bias estimation for every feature based on the examined model’s predictions. We evaluated BENN using three benchmark datasets, one proprietary churn prediction model used by a European telecommunications company, and a synthetic dataset that includes both a biased …