Comparative network analysis using KronFit

Gupta Sukrit, Puzis Rami, Kilimnik Konstantin

Complex Networks VII: Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Complex Networks …, 2016

ComparativeSukrit, Gupta network analysis is an emergingRami, Puzis line of research that providesKonstantin, Kilimnik insights into the structure and dynamics of networks by finding similarities and discrepancies in their topologies. Unfortunately, comparing networks directly is not feasible on large scales. Existing works resort to representing networks with vectors of features extracted from their topologies and employ various distance metrics to compare between these feature vectors. In this paper, instead of relying on feature vectors to represent the studied networks, we suggest fitting a network model (such as Kronecker Graph) to encode the network structure. We present the directed fitting-distance measure, where the distance from a network to another network is captured by the quality of ’s fit to the model derived from . Evaluation on five classes of real networks shows that KronFit based distances …