Data mining opportunities in geosocial networks for improving road safety

Michael Fire, Dima Kagan, Rami Puzis, Lior Rokach, Yuval Elovici

2012 IEEE 27th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, 1-4, 2012

Traffic measurements, road safety studies, and surveys are required for efficient road planning and ensuring the safety of transportation. Unfortunately, these methods can be cumbersome and very expensive. In this paper we point out a source of transportation information that is based on collaborative community-based navigation applications, such as Waze. Partial and anonimized information publicly exposed by Waze through their application provides valuable information that can significantly ease the future of transportation studies. Moreover, we show that Waze user reports may expose locations plagued with accidents but in lacking police coverage. This knowledge may help police departments to improve road safety by relocating the police units to these locations. Lastly, the data discussed in this paper connects transportation and road safety research to location based services and social network platforms.