Efficient cyber attack detection in industrial control systems using lightweight neural networks and pca

Moshe Kravchik, Asaf Shabtai

IEEE transactions on dependable and secure computing 19 (4), 2179-2197, 2021

Industrial control systems (ICSs) are widely used and vital to industry and society. Their failure can have severe impact on both the economy and human life. Hence, these systems have become an attractive target for physical and cyber attacks alike. In this article, we examine an attack detection method based on simple and lightweight neural networks, namely, 1D convolutional neural networks and autoencoders. We apply these networks to both the time and frequency domains of the data and discuss the pros and cons of each representation approach. The suggested method is evaluated on three popular public datasets, and detection rates matching or exceeding previously published detection results are achieved, while demonstrating a small footprint, short training and detection times, and generality. We also show the effectiveness of PCA, which, given proper data preprocessing and feature selection, can …