Evaluation of a temporal-abstraction knowledge acquisition tool in the network security domain

Asaf Shabtai, Maor Atlas, Yuval Shahar, Yuval Elovici

Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Knowledge capture, 7-14, 2007

In this paper we describe the design and evaluation of the Temporal Knowledge Master, a graphical knowledge-acquisition (KA) tool used for entering the knowledge re-quired by any implementation of the Knowledge-Based Temporal Abstraction (KBTA) method. The KBTA method provides mechanisms that perform derivation of context-specific, interval-based abstract interpretations (also known as Temporal Abstractions) from raw time-stamped data, by using a domain-specific knowledge-base. The study evalu-ated the functionality and usability of the KA tool in the computer-network security domain.