From fuzziness to criminal investigation: An inference system for Mobile Forensics

Konstantia Barmpatsalou, Tiago Cruz, Edmundo Monteiro, Paulo Simoes, G Kambourakis, A Shabtai, C Kolias, D Damopoulos

Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems, 117-132, 2017

118■ Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems [1] was observed. Cases concerning attacks on mobile devices showed a 12% increase in comparison to the equivalent findings of 2014. Meanwhile, 32% of the attacks on corporate assets involved computers and mobile devices [2]. The aforementioned numbers correspond solely to incidents that unfolded online. If one takes into account the traditional crime scene investigation cases, which, among others, involve owners of mobile devices and their usage, then the rates grow even more.Investigators are not only responsible for managing an increased number of incidents but also for handling growing amounts of data, since contemporary mobile devices are used in data-intensive use cases. This combination of facts creates a new challenge in the field of MF in front of a new main challenge. How will the investigators’ work be facilitated in terms of data off-loading and automatic or semi-automatic crime recognition?