Generic anomalous vertices detection utilizing a link prediction algorithm

Dima Kagan, Yuval Elovichi, Michael Fire

Social Network Analysis and Mining 8, 1-13, 2018

In the past decade, graph-based structures have penetrated nearly every aspect of our lives. The detection of anomalies in these networks has become increasingly important, such as in exposing infected endpoints in computer networks or identifying socialbots. In this study, we present a novel unsupervised two-layered meta-classifier that can detect irregular vertices in complex networks solely by utilizing topology-based features. Following the reasoning that a vertex with many improbable links has a higher likelihood of being anomalous, we applied our method on 10 networks of various scales, from a network of several dozen students to online networks with millions of vertices. In every scenario, we succeeded in identifying anomalous vertices with lower false positive rates and higher AUCs compared to other prevalent methods. Moreover, we demonstrated that the presented algorithm is generic, and …