Group decision support for leisure activities using voting and social networks

Ofrit Lesser, Lihi Naamani-Dery, Meir Kalech, Yuval Elovici

Group Decision and Negotiation 26 (3), 473-494, 2017

A group of people is often required to reach a joint decision and choose a single activity in which they will all participate. Members of such group often interact via online social networks. Group decision making requires knowledge of members’ preferences; however, in many cases the members’ preferences are not fully available. We consider a scenario where preferences are known only partially and present a group decision support framework that determines a single winning item using a voting procedure while minimizing the number of queries for members’ preferences. The framework uses a probabilistic algorithm based on the social similarity among the group members. To evaluate our framework we have built LetsDoIt, a decision support system prototype for leisure actives. We compared several types of groups and prediction methods and reveal that for groups with high internal social similarity, the …