IoTPatchPool: Incentivized delivery network of IoT software updates based on proofs-of-distribution

Oded Leiba, Ron Bitton, Yechiav Yitzchak, Asaf Nadler, Davidoz Kashi, Asaf Shabtai

Pervasive and Mobile Computing 58, 101019, 2019

In this paper we introduce IoTPatchPool — a novel scheme that enables an incentivized distributed delivery network of IoT software updates. We use a decentralized storage network for reducing the load on the vendor when distributing patches toward IoT devices, and eliminating central points of failure. Unlike existing peer-to-peer file sharing networks which have a fundamental availability problem for unpopular files, our protocol utilizes blockchain-based smart contracts to incentivize independent peers, termed distributors, by means of cryptocurrency payments. A vendor of IoT devices deploys a smart contract with a deposit, which acts as a publicly verifiable binding bid for delivery of patches to a specific set of IoT endpoints. Distributors will compete for delivering the updates to the desired IoT devices and present proofs-of-distribution in exchange for cryptocurrency payments. We address the fair exchange …