Message passing system for closely coupled multiprocessor system

Y Elovici, RD Hersh, H Azaria

17th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, 275-278, 1991

A new Message Passing System (MPS) for general purpose application is based on the principle of similar Message Passing Cores placed in all the Processing Elements (PEs) of the network. Each Message Passing Core manages the communication and synchronization between the different Application Tasks by means of three approaches. The first is a primitive approach without synchronization between the tasks. The second approach permits to synchronize the communication between the tasks. The third approach minimizes the overhead of the synchronization mechanism by using the concepts of virtual channel. The MPS written in 3L Parallel C (ver 2.1) is implemented on a 16 Transputer (T800) network. Preliminary results point to good communication speed, memory consumption, congestion behavior, communication latency and computation overhead.< >