MobilBye: attacking ADAS with camera spoofing

Dudi Nassi, Raz Ben-Netanel, Yuval Elovici, Ben Nassi

arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.09765, 2019

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs) were developed to reduce the number of car accidents by issuing driver alert or controlling the vehicle. In this paper, we tested the robustness of Mobileye, a popular external ADAS. We injected spoofed traffic signs into Mobileye to assess the influence of environmental changes (e.g., changes in color, shape, projection speed, diameter and ambient light) on the outcome of an attack. To conduct this experiment in a realistic scenario, we used a drone to carry a portable projector which projected the spoofed traffic sign on a driving car. Our experiments show that it is possible to fool Mobileye so that it interprets the drone carried spoofed traffic sign as a real traffic sign.