Odini: Escaping sensitive data from faraday-caged, air-gapped computers via magnetic fields

Mordechai Guri, Boris Zadov, Yuval Elovici

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 15, 1190-1203, 2019

Air-gapped computers are devices that are kept isolated from the Internet, because they store and process sensitive information. When highly sensitive data is involved, an air-gapped computer might also be kept secluded in a Faraday cage. The Faraday cage prevents the leakage of electromagnetic signals emanating from various computer parts, which may be picked up remotely by an eavesdropping adversary. The air-gap separation, coupled with the Faraday shield, provides a high level of isolation, preventing the potential leakage of sensitive data from the system. In this paper, we show how attackers can bypass Faraday cages and air-gaps in order to leak data from highly secure computers. Our method is based on exploitation of the magnetic field generated by the computer’s CPU. Unlike electromagnetic radiation (EMR), low frequency magnetic fields propagate through the air, penetrating metal shielding …