Owning the Routing Table

Gabi Nakibly, Eitan Menahem, Ariel Waizel, Yuval Elovici

Part II. Presentation at Black Hat USA, 2013

Owning the Routing Table Page 1 Owning the Routing Table Part II Gabi Nakibly1, Eitan
Menahem2, Ariel Waizel2, Yuval Elovici2 1National EW Research & Simulation Center, Rafael
– Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. 2Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Ben Gurion University
Page 2 Background • This work is a second installment of our research on OSPF security. –
The first part was presented at Black Hat USA 2011. • In this part we push the envelope further
and present a more powerful attack that allows to take control of a Cisco’s router routing table.
Page 3 Overview • The holy grail of routing attacks is owning the routing table of a router –
without having to own the router itself. • We present a newly found vulnerability of the OSPF
protocol. • It allows to own the routing tables of all routers in a routing domain from just a single
compromised router. Page 4 Why is this so desirable? • Owning the routing tables allows …