ReDroId: Remote drone identification based on visual RSA SecurID tokens

Ben Nassi, Aviel Levy, Yaron Pirutin, Asaf Shabtai, Ryusuke Masuoka, Yuval Elovici

2021 International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Communications and …, 2021

In an “open skies” era in which drones are flying among us, a new question arises: how can we distinguish between a friend drone (e.g., carrying a pizza delivery) and a foe drone (e.g., carrying a bomb) in areas that allow drone flights if both drones are identical? In this paper, we propose an authentication scheme that can help an authenticatee distinguish between a foe and friend drone. The authentication is implemented by optically modulating an RSA token using flashing lights which are mounted on the drone. Using a video camera, a trained machine learning model recognizes the flashing lights from the drone and converts them to a binary code which is used to authenticate the drone’s identity.