Sensor defense in-software (SDI): Practical software based detection of spoofing attacks on position sensors

Kevin Sam Tharayil, Benyamin Farshteindiker, Shaked Eyal, Nir Hasidim, Roy Hershkovitz, Shani Houri, Ilia Yoffe, Michal Oren, Yossi Oren

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 95, 103904, 2020

Position sensors, such as the gyroscope, the magnetometer and the accelerometer, are found in a staggering variety of devices, from smartphones and UAVs to autonomous robots. Several works have shown how adversaries can mount spoofing attacks to remotely corrupt or even completely control the outputs of these sensors. With more and more critical applications relying on sensor readings to make important decisions, defending sensors from these attacks is of prime importance.In this work we present practical software based defenses against attacks on two common types of position sensors, specifically the gyroscope and the magnetometer. We first characterize the sensitivity of these sensors to acoustic and magnetic adversaries. Next, we present two software-only defenses: a machine learning-based single sensor defense, and a sensor fusion defense which makes use of the mathematical relationship …