TTLed random walks for collaborative monitoring in mobile and social networks

Yaniv Altshuler, Shlomi Dolev, Yuval Elovici

Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks: Theory and Applications, 507-538, 2012

Complex network and complex systems research has been proven to have great implications in practice in many scopes including Social Networks, Biology, Disease Propagation, and Information Security. One can use complex network theory to optimize resource locations and optimize actions. Randomly constructed graphs and probabilistic arguments lead to important conclusions with a possible great social and financial influence. Security in online social networks has recently become a major issue for network designers and operators. Being “open” in their nature and offering users the ability to compose and share information, such networks may involuntarily be used as an infection platform by viruses and other kinds of malicious software. This is specifically true for mobile social networks, that allow their users to download millions of applications created by various individual programers, some of …