Research Call 2014 – Winning Proposals

Prof. Brach Shapira
Obfuscation of Attack Graphs for Proactive Defense

Prof. Lior Rokach
Context-Aware Sentiment Analysis for Application Security Grading

Prof. Dani Hendler
Compromized entity detection

Prof. Haim Permuter
Physical Layer Security: Combining Secrecy and Cooperation in Communication Systems

Prof. Ofer Hadar
Cyber Attack/Defense Algorithms Based on Data Hiding in Compressed Video Stream

Dr. Meir Kalech
Anomaly detection using temporal pattern recognition for SCADA systems

Dr. Rami Puzis
Scalable attack path finding and attack graph visualization for increased security

Prof. Shlomi Dolev
Prof. Amos Beimel
Dr. Niv Gilboa
Security and Privacy for Perennial Cloud Computing