Research Call 2017 – Winning Proposals

Prof. Alon Kuperman
Introducing Malefic Changes to Real-Time Low-Level Control Algorithms Aimed to Damage Industrial Motor Drive Systems

Prof. Aryeh Kontorovich
Cold Boot Attack Enhancements Based on a Novel Scalable Probabilistic Max Sat Solver

Dr. Sigal Oren
Dr. Ella Segev
A New Game Theoretic Approach to Cyber Security Games

Dr. Yossi Oren
Fault Attacks Using Malicious Replaceable Units

Dr. Tirza Routtenberg
Cyber Security for Smart Grids

Dr. Rami Puzis
Attack hypothesis generation engine

Prof. Dani Hendler
Enhanced Detection of Polymorphic Malware and Malicious Web Domains

Prof. Brach Shapira
Malware Attribution Based on Fused Malware Reports