Research Call 2020 – Winning Proposals

Dr. Uri Stemmer
Differential Privacy and the world of streaming

Dr. Rami Puzis
Cyber biosecurity: cyber protections against DNA injection in synthetic biology

Dr. Gilad Katz
Zero-Knowledge Membership Inference Attacks Against Black-Box Models

Prof. Danny Hendler
Secure and Privacy- preserving distributed learning

Dr. Kobi Cohen
Deep Reinforcement Learning and Information Theoretic Analysis for Anomaly Detection in Communication Networks

Prof. Alon Kuperman
Malicious Software Induced Reverse Power Flow and Subsequent Critical Failure of Solar Panels in Photovoltaic Power Plants

Dr. Yossi Oren
Practical, Low-Cost Fault Injection Attacks on Personal Smart Devices

Dr. Tirza Rutenberg
Graph Signal Processing for Attack Detection in Smart Grids