Research Area

Combatting Insider Threats

Collecting actionable counter-intelligence and legally acceptable evidence in order to contain damage caused by individuals who abuse granted privileges.

Combatting Malware and Botnets

Reactively and proactively mitigating malware that exploits new security gaps or emerging communication and computation paradigms.

Embedded Systems Security

Develop innovative security mechanisms for embedded system with limited connectivity and computation power.

Situational Understanding and Attack Attribution

Developing methods, and tools that enable to collect, present, and share attack data as well as detect, identify, and quarantine compromised systems.

Mobile Security

Identify emerging mobile threats and vulnerabilities

Devise new architectures and paradigms for mobile products with higher security and privacy


Developing methods and tools for collecting intelligence from open sources (WWW) and mainly from social networks.

Big Data Security Analytics

Identifying attacks in big data collected by organizations.

Optimal monitoring of the network.