Offensive AI LabYisroel Mirsky

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The Offensive AI Research Lab (OAR) studies how adversaries use AI to enhance their attacks. The objective of the lab is to protect society by identifying and mitigating AI threats before they become mainstream. We are located in the BGU Cyber Security Research Center in Be’er Sheva Israel.

IoT Security Research LabAsaf Shabtai

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At the IoT Security Lab of BGU, the researchers focus on developing innovative methods to study and mitigate numerous IoT-related threats. Among them are (1) detection of attacks launched from compromised IoT devices using network- and/or host- based data; (2) profiling, detection and whitelisting of IoT device types and models, either before or after a NAT; (3) frameworks for automated security assessment of IoT devices; (4) IoT vulnerability analysis and mitigation; etc.

Malware LabNir Nissim

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The Malware-Lab is part of the Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC) at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Israel. It was established by Dr. Nir Nissim, a lecturer in the Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) Department of BGU, after recognizing a gap and real need for such a lab among the international scientific machine learning and cyber security communities. The Malware-Lab serves as a unique platform for advanced malware research and supported also by the Israeli Cyber Security Bureau.