Under CBG there are many collaborations with industry. Some of them have created research centers within our center. below our research centers:

Fujitsu Cybersecurity Center

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Fujitsu Limited and BGN Technologies, BGU’s technology transfer company, have signed a three-year comprehensive joint research agreement to develop technologies and solutions to contribute to the realization of safe, real-world applications of AI and machine learning technologies. The newly-established “Fujitsu Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Israel” (Fujitsu CCoE IL) hosts a team of approximately 20 researchers including Prof. Yuval Elovici and Prof. Asaf Shabtai. The lab is headed by Prof. Elovici, Department of Information Systems Engineering, and Head of BGU’s Cyber Security Research Center located at the Cyber@BGU labs in the advanced technology park at the university’s campus in Israel.

Lenovo Cybersecurity Innovation Center

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Lenovo™ has established the Lenovo Cybersecurity Innovation Center (LCIC) in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, a leading Israel-based cyber ​security research institution. 

The center will focus on zero-trust architecture innovation in hardware and below-OS security, as well as serve as a hub for the development of next-generation security solutions. The LCIC offers Lenovo customers an attestation lab and access to industry insights and information exchange through an on-site briefing center.

Telekom Innovation Labs

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Telekom Innovation Laboratories are in the business of creating, inventing and innovating while having fun. It is a technological playground which was set-up by Deutsche Telekom and Ben Gurion University, where the most brilliant students, industry professionals and world class researchers are playing around with new ideas in order to design and shape the technology of the future.

National AI Resilience Lab

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In 2014, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the National Cyber Security Bureau at Prime Minister’s Office, have inaugurated the “Cyber Security Research Center” at Ben Gurion University (CSRC), recognizing the knowledge and the capabilities amassed at the university within the domain of Cyber Security.