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Telekom Innovation Laboratorie

Telekom Innovation Laboratories are in the business of creating, inventing and innovating while having fun. It is a technological playground which was set-up by Deutsche Telekom and Ben Gurion University, where the most brilliant students, industry professionals and world class researchers are playing around with new ideas in order to design and shape the technology of the future.

To find answers to technological problems that no one have yet thought about, our researchers and developers possess excellent analytical skills, flexible thinking, curiosity and determination, although they all come from different backgrounds and disciplines.

If you are a true problem solver who dares to ask challenging questions, driven by innovation, technology, curiosity, and creativity – you will have a unique opportunity to work side by side with some of the most talented professionals like yourself, who were carefully selected to master the most disruptive and technologically diverse projects within the domains of Networks, Cyber Security, Big Data, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, at the forefront of innovation.

Whether you join us as a student, researcher or an industry expert, you will enjoy groundbreaking, complex, high-profile work in a global environment, combining both research and development.

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