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How to leak sensitive data from an isolated computer (air-gap) to a near by mobile phone - AirHopper

Security researcher Mordechai Guri with the guidance of Prof. Yuval Elovici from the cyber security labs at Ben-Gurion University in Israel presented at the 9th IEEE International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software (MALCON 2014), at Puerto Rico, a breakthrough method (“AirHopper) for leaking data from an isolated computer to a mobile phone without the presence of a network. In highly secure facilities the assumption today is that data can not leak outside of an isolated internal network.

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Mobile Malware Detection through Analysis of Deviations in Application Network Behavior

Recently an exciting research on the topic of malware detection based on mobile networking activities analysis has been accepted to the lucrative Computers & Security journal. The paper was written as part of a project sponsored by Telekom Innovation Labs which dealt with different Android security solutions.

In simple words (though you'll need to get the full version to see all the exciting revelations and achievements) we built a technology which is able to detect malware activity based only on analyzing the network traffic coming out from a mobile handset (Android).