Israel Developing Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence Crime-Fighting Tools

Israel is among those countries everyone would want to watch her steps in matters security. No debate, the country has it all when it comes to criminology and everything weaponry related. But, in its current move to use artificial intelligence as a tool to fight crime, that’s a serious move that requires deep thinking especially with the current fears associated with the technology.

Since the release of the report that revealed how AI is vulnerable for use against human security, to date, experts have been arguing fiercely over whether this technology should be declared illegal or wiped from the earth, but that seems too late now.

AI is Getting into the Fabrics of Governments

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Like a month ago, the government of Spain made it official that they’ll be employing AI to help stop corruption by predicting where it likely occurs most. Now, Israel is going deeper as it thinks artificial intelligence can effectively help fight crime.

Israel Police has engaged the Ben-Gurion University of Negev and the two are building cutting-edge cyber, big-data AI-powered tools that will be able to prevent crime through foretelling when and where it may happen.

The concept led to the launch of a new Center for Computational Criminology at the Advanced Technology Park of BGU. And the event was officiated by BGU’s president professor Rivka, together with the Police Commissioner General Roni Alsheikh.

The System Might Snoop On People Online

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Based on its recent researches, the university stated that cybercrime has been on the rise because of the policies that promote anonymity of cyberspace. And that is often exposed by the information shared online.

The researchers are set to coordinate with Police’s cyber investigators in developing the new machine-learning and AI tools for law enforcement. Obviously, this might trigger public concern and it is possible that some folks will go to court to have it interpret whether it’s okay for the authorities to monitor people’s online trails.

For the peace-seeking Johns and Jacks, this might help reduce online insecurity significantly, because the truth is both cybercrime and normal crime are planned online these days. “But, this can help turn threats into opportunities,” said Alsheikh.

Training AI-Powered Security Systems

Ideally, this is the trickiest part according to the recent war of words between experts. Elon Musk, the titan billionaire and founder of Telsa is on record saying that he has access to the most advanced potential of AI, and warns that if these systems are wrongly trained they can cause havoc.

Musk gave an example where an AI concluded that everybody who stood near a stove was a woman, which rose concerns about the credibility of the data that created that system. In other words, if these platforms consume wrong data, the whole thing can become more of a threat than good.

To ensure accuracy in investigations, those involved in training these systems must take responsibility for any cases that might victimize citizens who didn’t have anything to do with the crime. Maybe that would ensure data credibility as it’s the major factor in developing unquestionable AI.

Testing the System Before Implementation

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No matter how many times artificial intelligence beats humans at doing complex tasks; still there is great need to test these models. Here we are talking about controlling crime using machine learning and nothing should go to chance.

That is, in all aspects the system must itself be in tack. We don’t want a case where hackers can break into a police investigative tool and use it to send the officers to a certain location where they can be ambushed.

In other words, there will be need to ensure that it is actually the authorities who are in full control of the investigations online. Fortunately, companies like Accenture and others have taken the job of testing AI platforms, to ensure they stick to their foundational promise.

Ideally, if this application of AI turns successful and Israel Police comes forward to confirm that artificial intelligence is a reliable tool to handle crime, we will see more governments turn to the technology for help.


Source: Sanvada

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