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The Focus of the Israel Police: Public Security, Maintaining Law and Order & Fighting Crime

Policing and law enforcement in Israel are the sole responsibility of the Israel Police.
As a national force, the Israel Police is responsible for all aspects of policing, including crime prevention and law enforcement.
The work of the Israel Police takes on a whole new dimension when operating in such a sensitive area as Israel.

The main areas on which the Israel Police focuses are:

Public Security

The prevention and thwarting of terror
Response to calls from citizens
Arrangement of security procedures
Organization of volunteers in the context of the Civil Guard

Maintaining Law and Order

Response to calls regarding public disturbances
Effective response to demonstrations and unlawful gatherings
Licensing – Establishment of limits and conditions for businesses
Responsibility for detainees
Implementation of court orders

Fighting Crime

Investigation of crimes and apprehension of offenders
Detection and exposure of unreported crimes, such as drug trafficking and extortion
Crime prevention – Instructing the public how to protect themselves and their property