TEDx at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

BGU’s W.A. Minkoff Senate Hall became a TEDx venue last week as President Prof. Rivka Carmi and five other speakers took to the stage to discuss issues at the heart of modern civilization.

The event was sponsored by the CyberSpark Industry Initiative.

Video clips of each talk will be available in the near future.

The speakers:

Rivka Carmi, BGU President

Prof. Carmi has studied & worked hard on her way up to the very top. Few have the perseverance and stubborn determination required to be a military commander, straight-A student, pediatrician, geneticist, University president & chair of Israel’s University presidents committee. All this despite and thanks to the fact she is a woman; and, like many other women, Prof. Carmi faced gender discrimination and bias on her way to the top. But now, from the height of her accomplishments, she’s able and ready to make a change.

Yuval Elovici, Head of Cyber Security Research Center

We hear the term ‘Internet of Things’ thrown around a lot and it seems that as a society we are developing some sort of phobia of ‘smart’ devices. Think of your typical day: you wake up, do your morning routine, open the fridge, maybe turn on the heating, and the boiler for the shower. You get into your car and drive to work. On the TEDxBGU stage, Prof. Elovici takes us through a typical day just a few years from now, when all those items will be connected to the cloud and make us realize the power of connectivity, for good or ill.

Ran Balicer, Director at Clalit Research Institute

Prof. Balicer is at the forefront of medical research. In fact, he’s so far ahead of us all that he sees the idea of going to the doctor when you are sick as absurd. Predictive technologies are making their way to medicine and, on the TEDx stage, Prof. ​Balicer proves to us that in just a few years, if we end up sick in the doctor’s office, then medicine failed us.

Yaniv Harel, Cyber Solutions Group CEO, Dell EMC

Yaniv’s group at Dell gets up close and personal day after day with the world’s scariest cyber threats. He faces groups of hackers who learn from each other all the time and try to develop collaborative mechanisms that can outsmart our own defense tactics. Yaniv dives deep into the future of cyber threats, telling us what we’re up against – and if we are ready.

Mark Gazit, ThetaRay, CEO

When’s the last time someone stole from you? Mark’s here to tell us it was yesterday, or maybe just five minutes ago. The point is – we don’t even know. Mark is an entrepreneur building solutions for complex problems. In his latest role, Mark is working on preventing online theft and fraud, and, in doing so, he encounters much bigger questions. Do we even know we are being robbed?

Doron Stern, TS Law, Founding Partner

In our modern world, it seems there is a precedent for everything we do, for every crime that occurs. Sometimes it feels like everything is regulated, maybe even over-regulated, and there are clearly defined authorities in charge of enforcing the law. However, when it comes to Cyber Law, Doron is constantly bombarded with unprecedented, new types of crime that we need to know about.  Is our justice system ready?


Source: ​​​Ben-Gurion University of the Negev